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Bruno Miranda and Fae Hermann, professional dancers, instructors and choreographers for Brazilian Zouk, Kizomba and a number of other partner dances. Currently teaching Brazilian Zouk classes in Denver and Boulder, CO.
We also teach and perform at various events around the USA from local workshops to large international congresses and organize various dance events. Please check our “Events” page for more info and visit the “Booking” section, if you want to have us as a part of your event.

Find information about our Zouk Immersion progressive training program.

Learn about our special events in Denver, socials, workshops and more.


Check our Immersion Dance school page for the full class schedule. We're opening new classes June 4th!
Our next Denver Social will happen on April 28th with a 2hr workshop by Bruno and Fae and our team will perform for the first time.
We're excited to bring you a full weekend of Zouk!
10HR of workshops with International artists from UK and Brazil, along with your own Colorado instructors.
Get your pass!
We're excited to bring one of the world's best Zouk couples to Denver for the first time ever! Carlos & Fernanda will be joining us from Czech Republic. Get your passes HERE, there are only a few left.


Check out  the reviews we've gotten from our students and share your own feedback HERE


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Get the details for our Summer Intensive with the world renowned Carlos & Fernanda.

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